Flash Board Pins

I found a nomograph for sizing flashboard pins in an older version of Creager and Justin. I wanted to confirm the nomograph and understand its limitations. I made the following analysis of the failure of flashboard pins. It confirmed the C&J nomograph. The analysis allows for the computation of pin failure for materials and pin sizes not included in the construction of C&J's nomograph.

   I recently created an Excel spreadsheet for solving the flashboard equations. It is self explanatory and is presented herewith viz:

(Dear reader. I am not able to install this spreadsheet with its embedded pictures. They disappear! Please refer to the relavent sections of the original 1986 analysis presented below the calculator. The missing pictures include the freebody diagram, the C&J nomograph and the standard pipe properties tables. Once again, they are on this web page located below the Excel calculator for you to refer to.)

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