Rigging a Large Generator Web Page


We had to rig the No. 2 generator into our powerhouse. We hired a crane to lift it from the truck and sit it on the rough driveway, in front of the powerhouse door. The problem was how to roll it on the rough ground, to get it inside the door and how to move it over the partially demolished powerhouse floor. We constructed a pair of "railroad tracks" from four 8" I-beams inside the powerhouse that were 10 feet apart and level with the powerhouse door lintel. The generator was already sitting on too enormous oak blocks. We used a 50 ton porta-power cylinder to lift the ends of the generator. We leveled the blocks. We installed steel strips on the surface of the oak blocks. We placed pin rollers between the oak blocks and the cast iron generator base. We attached a cum-a-long between the pressure case and the front of the generator. We slowly pulled the generator forward 18 inches. We lifted the generator and blocked it up. We slid the wooden blocks forward and repeated the process. Once the generator was inside the powerhouse and over the I-beam rails, we placed the rollers between the bottom of the oak blocks and the top of the I-beam rails and continued to roll the generator the rest of the way in. Please see the following Picasa Web Album of the process: